Business Development for Lawyers

Client Services: A Critical Element of Business Management for Lawyers

Client services are crucial to your success. PMG's contracted business development for lawyers can help you maintain the non-legal aspects of client services so you can focus on the legal aspects.

Potential Clients: Streamlining Lawyer Business Development

Let PMG save you time and ensure a smooth business development process. Calls or emails from potential clients deserve prompt responses. PMG can undertake much of the initial interaction on your behalf and within your comfort level, including initial screening and information gathering, "selling" the firm, undertaking conflict of interest review, and so on. Be assured, however, that PMG is well aware that only an attorney can assess legal issues or answer legal questions. Ultimately, business development determinations are yours to make; you decide if the potential client is a good fit for your firm.

Existing Clients: Attentive Contracted Business Development for Lawyers

Your existing clients are often the best source of new business. PMG can help provide the non-legal attention and client services which keep those clients happy and committed to your firm. As part of PMG's contracted business development for lawyers, PMG can also analyze and identify which client and business development approaches are paying off and how to improve those that aren't.

Future Clients: Lawyer Business Development Services for Prudent Attorneys

It is important to choose your future clients carefully, especially in the current economy. PMG can help you to assess the non-legal due diligence of client selection, such as credit risk and reputation. When you contract with PMG for business development services, PMG can help identify and explore other business opportunities for you.

Business Development Is for Everyone

Everyone at the firm should be aware of and on the lookout for new business opportunities. Unfortunately, they don't teach every new lawyer business development in law school. Many new attorneys, and even some more experienced attorneys, are uncomfortable assuming a lawyer's business development responsibilities. PMG can help everyone in your firm, including attorneys and staff, improve their business development skills through coaching, training and role-playing, raising their awareness that business development is much more than the ask, but includes networking, talking up the firm, using referrals, being out there socially and professionally, and so on.

Relationship Building: Sociable Business Development for Lawyers and Their Clients

Clients want good lawyering but they also want to work with someone they like, trust and feel comfortable with. The PMG professionals providing business development services can help you and your attorneys interact with existing and potential clients in non-legal matters, such as follow up and other personal communications, social events, and so on.