Facilities & Operations

Operational Procedures: More Efficient Law Firm Operations

PMG can review and manage your business for improved efficiency and cost-savings, identifying and implementing improvements as appropriate.

Vendors and Service Contracts: Review by an Experienced Law Firm Office Manager

PMG's law firm office manager services can evaluate, monitor and manage your vendor and service contracts by identifying and implementing desired changes and improvements. You can benefit from PMG's network of vendors and contractors as well as the cost and time savings gained from letting PMG negotiate and manage your contracts. Like any smart law firm office manager, PMG doesn't pay retail!

Equipment: An Overlooked but Essential Element of Law Firm Operations

PMG can assist in the maintenance of your firm's office equipment, oversee repairs and, if desired, handle all aspects of leasing or purchasing new or replacement equipment. PMG can help you spot potential equipment problems early and provide affordable solutions. PMG can also work with you to develop capital improvement plans for your equipment to help with short- and long-term budgeting and future planning.

Filing and Recordkeeping: PMG Can Manage This for You

PMG and its service providers can develop and administer your on- and off-site records management.

Policies, Procedures and Best Practices: Tailored to Your Law Firm Operations

PMG's law firm office managers remain up to date with current office policy and best practices for law firms and can suggest, craft and implement those policies, processes and practices most suitable for your law firm operations.

Office Maintenance: PMG Knows Who to Call

PMG's law firm office managers or specialists can assist with equipment maintenance, ranging from routine matters to unusual emergencies and one-off projects.

Office Moves: Relocate or Expand With No Interruption of Your Law Firm Operations

Are you moving? Are you expanding and opening a new or branch office in the Seattle area? As part of its law firm operations services, PMG will work with you throughout the entire process, including space evaluation, negotiations, design and build out, installation of systems, planning and coordination. Every law firm office manager who works with PMG has the experience, "to do" lists, organizational capacity and vendor relationships to expertly handle the office move or lease for you.

Strategic Planning: Let PMG Help You with Short and Long-Term Planning

PMG will work with your firm's decision makers, preparing and implementing your short and long-term strategic plans and vision, and the tactics to reach them.

Insurance: PMG Can Analyze and Maintain Your Insurance

Let PMG manage all of your insurance needs, including cost, coverage and suitability analyses, updates, renewals, agent relations, claims, reporting, cancellation, and so on.

Safety and Security: Precautions to Maintain the Continuity of Your Law Firm Operations

Today, office safety and security goes way beyond merely securing the front door and important files. PMG can help you with the traditional safety and security issues and also newer law firm issues like disaster planning and recovery, emergency planning, intranet security, ergonomic issues, and so on.

Meeting Preparation: PMG Will Handle the Details

PMG can assist you and your attorneys in preparing agendas and materials for partner, attorney and client meetings, and retreats.