Law Firm Marketing

Marketing Plans: Start Your Law Firm Marketing Right

PMG understands that the ultimate purpose of any law firm marketing is to improve your presence in the marketplace and to grow your business. PMG can develop a marketing plan tailored specifically to your firm and execute all or portions of your marketing program. PMG's marketing professionals will evaluate and update any existing plan, identify the best yet cost-effective targets and strategies, and most importantly, work closely with you and/or, where appropriate, actually lead the marketing plan's implementation and continual refinement.

Marketing Materials: Let PMG's Law Firm Marketing Services Produce Your Materials

Everyone uses marketing materials, whether business cards, letterhead, or elaborate brochures or videos. Preparing law firm marketing materials which are effective yet affordable can be time-consuming and challenging. PMG can handle all of your marketing materials for you, including preparation, vendors, integration, branding, distribution, and so on.

Websites and Social Media: Move Into Modern Law Firm Marketing Technology

Websites and social media are increasingly important law firm marketing and business development tools. PMG has marketing professionals who keep up to date in all manner of social media, including websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, search engine optimization, and so on. PMG's professionals and vendors can establish, and then maintain, your firm's presence in this exploding world of marketing and business development.

Public Relations: Get Your Law Firm's Marketing Message "Out There"

Getting the word "out there," becoming "top of mind," letting people know that you provide the "right product, at the right time and the right price". It's all public relations. PMG can handle various forms of public relations for you, including press releases, announcements, social and professional events, webinars, speaking engagements, and so on. Where appropriate, Gil Price or other PMG professionals can be the "face of your firm."

Analysis: Assess and Improve Your Law Firm Marketing

Effective law firm marketing requires periodic evaluation as to its effectiveness and cost, refinement or replacement. This may include client surveys, keeping up to date with competitors, and similar matters that PMG's law firm marketing services can handle for you.