Human Resources

Hiring: Let PMG's HR Services Help

PMG's law firm HR services can directly handle or, if you prefer, assist with all of your hiring needs. Hiring can be a frustrating and time consuming process and, until the later decision making stages, it is rarely a good use of attorney time. Understandably, many attorneys are inclined to hold on to this responsibility more than is necessary. PMG can assist with the entire hiring process for both non-legal and legal staff, from needs analysis through job description, advertising, screening, interviewing, due diligence, overall coordination and rejections. PMG's HR professionals can make the tough decisions so you don't have to.

Employee Performance: Evaluation and Development by PMG's HR Services

PMG can handle or assist your supervisors with law firm HR matters including employee performance reviews, work plan development and oversight, terminations, conflict resolution, grievances and HR investigations.

Compliance: PMG's HR Regulation Expertise

PMG keeps up to date and can assist you with the applicable employment laws and regulations, including their implementation and reporting requirements for law firm HR departments. Specialized and more experienced HR professionals are also available through PMG for your higher level, temporary or emergency needs.

Policies and Procedures: Creation and Review by PMG's HR Professionals

As your firm grows and applicable laws and regulations change, the need for established policies and procedures becomes more important. As part of its HR services, PMG can review your existing policies and procedures in light of the ever-changing laws and regulations and local business practices. If you do not have written policies and procedures, PMG can craft them for you, ranging from informal policies to a full blown Employee Handbook. In any case, PMG can implement and ensure compliance with firm policies and procedures.

Licensing, CLE and Professional Development: Managed by PMG's HR Services

Attorneys and firms don't always pay close enough attention to their licensing, bar registrations and CLE requirements, which can result in last minute crises or worse. Let PMG monitor and handle or assist with these and similar matters. Further, PMG can arrange for, keep abreast of, and inform attorneys about CLE training opportunities in the Seattle area, changed requirements, deadlines, and so on.

Analysis: For Fair and Efficient Law Firm HR Policies

There are many analyses in the Human Resource area on which PMG can work with your managing partner and financial staff, if any, including compensation, billing, benefits, workload, staffing, organizational systems, business practices, and so on.