• What is Gil Price's background?

    Prior to starting PMG, Gil served for more than six years as legal executive director for Barker Martin, PS, a boutique litigation law firm operating in Seattle and Portland. While living in Germany, the Principality of Liechtenstein and Austria from 1986 to 2003, Gil's career included banking, and providing wealth management advisory services to ultra-high net worth families. PMG clients benefit from Gil's experience providing both financial and law firm business management services.

    Gil is active in the Puget Sound Association of Legal Administrators (PSALA) and the Seattle Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). He is the past president (2008) and an active volunteer of the Washington State Community Associations Institute (WSCAI). Gil has a Master of Science in Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, with a minor in Global Studies, from Seattle University. When not working, Gil enjoys spending time with family and friends, the arts, tennis, skiing, and world travel.

  • What if I only need PMG to handle just one area, say business development, or I only need PMG's law firm business management services two days a week?

    PMG tailors its menu of services to your exact needs. PMG's services are available on a when- and if-needed basis, whether full time, temporarily, periodically or one time. For example, PMG can provide you with the full range of its services or only the one law firm management service that you need. If you want help with marketing and business development to grow your firm or help improving your billing and collections, PMG can do that. If your law firm needs a Business Manager, Firm Administrator or Executive Director on less than a full time basis, PMG can do it.

  • What are the benefits of contracting PMG's law firm business management services?

    Working with PMG saves you money. There are no benefits, social security or other employment taxes to pay when hiring PMG. With PMG, you save the costs, commitment and loss of billable time of hiring and managing your own staff. Many firms turn to lower paid generalists whom they can afford full time to handle certain functions even though they don't really merit a full time employee, or they occasionally need higher level expertise. Other firms may do without these services because of costs, limited space or other reasons. With PMG's contracted law firm business management services you need only pay for exactly the amount of such services you actually need. In addition, PMG's providers are likely to be more experienced in their particular fields than the generalist you likely have now. With the cost savings of hiring PMG rather than employees, you can replace non-billable staff with billable legal staff, perhaps reduce office space needs, or invest in business development improvements. More importantly, PMG's accounting and finance services can help you improve your billing and collections processes. PMG's law firm business management services saved one client approximately $25,000 in annual operating costs.

  • What do PMG's law firm business management services cost?

    The cost of working with PMG depends on the services you require. For example, you can hire PMG on an hourly, monthly or project basis. The hourly rate will depend on whether the services are being provided by Gil Price, a PMG team member working under his supervision, or a highly trained expert/specialist. The cost for one or more of PMG's contracted law firm business management services will depend on the nature and complexity of the service, whether it is routine or complex, on-going or one-off.

  • Is PMG a consultant?

    PMG is not the usual consultant offering a "moment in time" analysis or strategic plan, which then sits on the desk for you to implement while the consultant moves on to another client. PMG will be working with you for as long as your needs continue, whether on-going for the foreseeable future, until the desired task or project is complete or the problem is resolved, or your employee returns from temporary leave. PMG takes a hands-on approach to contracted law firm business management services. PMG's business model could be better labeled "insourcing" as PMG is typically on site at your place of business. You get the savings of outsourcing without the frustration, poor communication and lack of actual knowledge of your business.

  • How do I reach PMG when I need them?

    In most cases, Gil Price or a PMG representative will most likely be on site at your firm. In all cases, Gil or a PMG representative will be assigned as your primary contact. Gil will always be available to PMG clients in the case of an emergency, crisis or other matter requiring immediate attention.

  • Who uses PMG's contracted law firm business management services?

    Davis Wright Tremaine LLP: PMG is assisting the Seattle law firm's marketing and business development department on a number of business development initiatives.

    Condominium Law Group PLLC: PMG, as the Seattle law firm's Executive Director, has initiated a number of business development activities and services including increased referrals, webinars and speaking events, as well as improved customer service and initial client interface. The firm has grown to be the industry leader serving condominium and homeowner associations throughout Washington State.

    The Gisselberg Law Firm, Inc., P.S.: PMG designed a business development and tactical plan for a solo Intellectual Property attorney and practice group in Redmond, Washington.

    Atrios: PMG provided marketing and business development services for this on-line start-up serving condominiums and HOA's nationwide.

  • Who is on PMG's team?

    The PMG team consists of experienced Seattle area professionals who have been screened and carefully selected by Gil Price. They range from firm administrators with generalized skills to experts in the sub areas of PMG's services (Business Development, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, IT Development, and Facilities & Operations). The agreement between you and PMG will identify the team member(s) who will work with you. In all cases, Gil will be available to you and will assure that you are satisfied with PMG services, and the responsiveness of its team members.

    PMG's team consists of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience in their fields. Some of these professionals are currently only interested in flexible, less than full-time or temporary positions and are not available through the regular marketplace. However, PMG is able to make these professionals available to you. When an exceptionally high level expert or one-off service is required, PMG can identify an appropriate outside expert, make the necessary arrangements, and manage the provision of the services on your behalf.

    You can also benefit from PMG's extensive network of experienced professionals including accountants, IT specialists, commercial real estate brokers, copy professionals, office supply companies, vendors, and so on. PMG's law firm business management services can also help you to hire legal staff, whether handling the entire process or specific pieces like advertising, screening, arranging interviews, due diligence and so on.

  • Can PMG help me start my practice, move my office or open a new branch office?

    The details, time demands and skills of starting a new practice, moving or opening a new office in the Seattle area can be overwhelming and are often better left to a law firm business management service like PMG. PMG has the experience, "to do" lists, organizational capacity and vendor relationships to handle this for you.